Woman practicing aerial yoga.

Soar New Heights With Zing Mode’s Aerial Yoga in Hyderabad!

Aerial Yoga, or antigravity yoga, has gained immense popularity over the years after it was first popularized by Michelle Dortignac in 2006. It adds a novel twist to the ancient practice of yoga while embellishing it with enhanced benefits.

Our team of highly trained experts teach you the art of manoeuvring the fabric to tone your body and relax your mind. Our sessions also offer an integrated platform to socialize, reenergize and get fit the fun way!

The biggest misconception that people have about aerial yoga is that it requires advanced flexibility skills. Zing Mode offers step-by-step aerial yoga classes for people with varying fitness levels so they can easily incorporate this aesthetically stunning, and beneficial form of exercise into their daily lives.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Great abs workout

Firms & tones the body


Easy on the joints

Improved balance

Better flexibility

Join us as we redefine fitness!

Zing Mode’s Aerial Yoga classes are fun, zesty and reinvigorating! They help tone and firm your body, while also having a relaxing effect on your mind. Join us as we embark on a journey to revolutionize the fitness game. Book an appointment for a safe aerial yoga experience in Hyderabad!

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