Green herbal leaves and oils are used for Swedana ayurveda treatment.

Premium Ayurveda Steam Therapy

In Ayurvedic steam therapy, medicinal plant leaves are stewed in water to produce therapeutic steam. The subsequent steam is then carefully exposed to your body.

This is a phenomenal way to not only remove impurities from your body but also for preventing the accumulation of extra fat and obesity. There are many skin conditions that this therapy can help with. Our Ayurveda steam baths offer a variety of soothing experiences that aid in relaxing and reviving your body and mind, such as opening up the skin pores and clearing the lungs.

Zing Mode employs the soothing and purifying properties of steam to help your stiff muscles relax and treat various body aches that hinder you from carrying out your routine activities. It also helps reduce cold, inflammation and stress.

Our Ayurveda Steam Therapy Services

A man is sleeping on a wooden box table for Swedana Ayurveda therapy.

Swedana Ayurveda Therapy (aka Sudation Therapy

This steam therapy is usually done in conjunction with abhyanga ayurveda massage to tackle muscle stiffness and chronic body aches.

A pale yellow liquid being poured into the other palm during the Sarvangadhara Swedana Ayurveda therapy.

Sarvangadhara Ayurveda Steam Therapy

This type of steam therapy involves pouring of personalized medicated liquids on the body for relaxation and aches.

Benefits of Ayurveda Steam Therapy

Makes your skin radiant

Promotes holistic wellbeing

Relieves joint pains

Delays signs of ageing

Detoxes the respiratory system

Soothes mind

Let Ayurveda Steam Therapy Soothe Your Joints, Stress & Body Aches!

Experience a plush and tranquil ambience and receive result-oriented steam therapy with us! Book an appointment with our well-trained staff now at Zing Mode, the most premium centre for ayurvedic massage near you!

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