At an ayurvedic body massage center, a woman relaxes in the foreground.

Relaxing Ayurvedic Body Massage Treatments

An ayurvedic body massage helps the body be cleansed and revitalised in turn encouraging, energising and strengthening the lymphatic system, and widening the flow of life force. It also relieves pain. Additionally, the essential oils used in Ayurvedic body massages are extremely nourishing and detoxifying, delaying the signs of ageing and leaving the skin soft and lustrous.

Ayurvedic massages also offer additional advantages like symptomatic stress relief and the incorporation of happy emotions to improve our physical and mental health.

Zing Mode’s ayurvedic centre is founded on the pillars of holistic wellness through sustainable living. We offer targeted and full ayurvedic body massage to cater to your range of personalized issues.

Our Ayurvedic Massage Services

During abhyanga massage therapy, a woman relaxes in the foreground.

Abhyanga massage

Warm oil is used in the full-body ayurvedic massage known as abhyanga to enhance general health and well-being. It entails massaging your entire body with a herb-infused oil selected according to your unique needs to help offset the doshas, or energies, in your body, from head to toe. Helps to relieve stress, and pain and impart lustrous skin.

Application of green herbal paste on a lady's back who is getting an ayurvedic body massage.

Udvartana massage

A powder massage for inch loss and clearer skin. During the massage, we use penetrating herbs in conjunction with swift upward strokes. This causes the body to heat up, releasing toxins, reducing fluid retention, and improving circulation.

A person uses herbal ingredients during an ayurvedic body massage.

Patra pinda sveda massage

Herbal leaves that have been heated with medicinal oil and wrapped into a bolus before being massaged over the body. This aids in the treatment of back pain, osteoporosis, spondylosis, and other types of body aches. The heat helps provide relief in joints.

A person's hands hold two white cloth bundles against a man's bare back during an ayurvedic body massage.

Sastika shali pinda sveda massage

Using a diverse range of Indian rice in a bolus, plunged in a nourishing herbal milk decoction, and massaged onto the body, Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda is a novel Ayurvedic therapy. Helps give you a radiant and youthful.

A therapist massaging the feet of a client during a Padabhyanga ayurvedic body massage.

Padabhyanga massage

An ancient medical practice, padabhyang involves massaging your feet's energy centres to improve your health. In addition to lowering mental stress and anxiety, padabhyanga benefits your immune system to protect you from autoimmune diseases. It also helps improve your vision.

Both palms are stroking a woman's head, who is asleep during the Shiro Abhyanga massage.

Shiroabhyanga massage

Shiro Abhyanga refers to a full-body massage using Ayurvedic herbal oils on the head, neck, and shoulders. Shiro Abhyanga helps ease stress and discomfort in these areas because they are those that are most impacted by stress.

Benefits of Ayurveda Body Massage

Alleviates stress & blood pressure

Heals cracking of heels & gives smooth skin

Relieves chronic body ache

Aids in weight loss

Boosts physical strength

Enhances immune system

Experience the luxury of ancient science in a plush ambience!

Rest assured as we tackle your stress, body ache and other discomforts with our expert-backed ayurveda body massages. Our well-trained team will ensure a memorable and cathartic session for you. Book an appointment now at Zing Mode, the most premium ayurvedic massage centre near you!

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