Hydradermabrasion: Everything You Need to Know About This Effective Skin Treatment

We all want to achieve glass-like smooth and radiant skin, prompting us to spend aeons on a gamut of skincare products. While some of them give you results when used consistently, more often than not those expensive beauty products, bought without an expert’s consultation, lead to damage in the skin barrier, aggravated acne or severe reaction. This is why it’s important that an organ as sensitive as your skin should be handled only by qualified experts with the right technology.

The latest buzz in the skincare industry is the FDA-approved Hydrafacial or Hydradermabrasion, due to its proven results along with the ease of the procedure. In fact, hydrafacials have quickly grown into one of the most highly regarded skincare treatments in the world. It is reported that in 2018 alone, over 2 million treatments were administered for smooth and radiant skin. [Source]

Hydrafacial NPS ranks highest across branded aesthetics and medtech peers

Here is everything you need to know about this latest skincare technology, which according to celeb magazines, has even the top media personalities lined up for it. [Source]

What is hydrafacial?

Hydracial, or Hydradermabrasion, is a revolutionary non-surgical skin treatment offered at dermatologist offices and medical spas. It combines moisturising serums with exfoliation similar to microdermabrasion to reveal glowing, youthful and smoother skin.

Hydradermabrasion is renowned for its three-step procedure, designed to deeply clean, exfoliate, and moisturise your skin. Acne, dryness, and wrinkles are just a few of the issues that this expert technique tackles with evident results.

What is it comprised of?


Hydrafacial uses a hydration-based solution that is run across your skin via our hydradermabrasion device. The device moves the solution over the skin, gently cleansing and  the epidermal layer, eradicating gunk, and old skin cells. The liquid solution’s fluid movement helps in thorough cleansing and exfoliation without any aggravation.


During the procedure, the hydradermabrasion device gently suctions your skin, drawing debris, oil, and dead skin cells from closed pores. This results in deep pore cleaning without causing skin damage.

Hydrafacial for men and women include multiple steps to clean and prep the skin before finally hydrating it.

Let the hydration begin!

Once your skin is all cleansed and prepped, we begin with hydration! Your skin is drenched in premium Zing Mode serums at this stage of the procedure to completely hydrate it and give it a youthful, dewy sheen.

This entails injecting peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid into the tissue. The expertly curated combination of these ingredients helps enhance your skin health in the long run.

Our solutions are FDA-approved and shown to efficiently moisturise and protect your skin due to their potent and power-packed ingredients.

How does hydrafacial stack up against the facial cleanup benefits?

A Hydrafacial, in contrast to typical facials, employs a gentle cleansing mechanism and offers a revitalizing experience without any discomfort during or after the procedure. This technology boasts several instant and long-term benefits for your skin and is a fantastic alternative for folks of all ages and with an array of skin issues.

However, the traditional facial cleanup techniques we have grown up watching are put together without any research and the method often ends up causing an allergic reaction. Conventional facials entail pressing and squeezing the skin, which potentially damages the skin barrier, but the Hydrafacial technology gently extracts all your skin’s nasties, sans any pressure. In fact it is extremely satisfying to see the skin gunk accumulated in the hydradermabrasion device after each session!

Skin care clinics in Hyderabad offer Hydrafacial as a skin care treatment that makes your skin look moisturised and healthy.

Is hydra facial good for acne-prone skin?

One of the first questions sensitive skin beauties pose to us is if hydrafacials cause breakouts. Well, the good news is that hydrafacial for acne is not only safe but also recommended by top dermatologists across the globe!

The treatment alleviates any existing skin inflammation while also working on the appearance of acne and marks. This technique does not employ any abrasive ingredients that can aggravate your skin condition. It is quite gentle yet nevertheless efficient in nourishing, moisturising, and exfoliating your skin.

Is hydrafacial good for pigmentation?

Hydrafacials can successfully minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation and balance out the unevenness in skin tone. Dirt and dead or damaged skin cells are frequently the cause of dull skin. This treatment’s exfoliating action polishes away this layer of dead cells and dirt, unveiling the brighter, cleaner skin underneath.

How much does hydrafacial cost?

The cost of a HydraFacial in Hyderabad is reasonably priced and differs depending on several variables.

A) Ingredients

The price of various serums and exfoliating agents may change depending on your needs and concerns, as well as your skin’s receptivity to various agents. This will have some impact on the overall package.

B) Expertise

Because Hydrafacial treatment is an advanced procedure, you must choose a skin clinic with cutting-edge equipment and diverse expertise that can provide you with comprehensive consultation and care.

How many hydrafacials do you need?

Our team of experts suggest 4–6 sessions which are planned 4–6 weeks apart for optimal results. However, just like every skin is different, so are its needs. We recommend that you first take one-on-one consultation with Zing Mode’s skin expert who will first analyze and then curate an exclusive yet sustainable treatment for you.

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