A woman measures her waist size to estimate the results of weight loss treatment in Hyderabad.

Body Toning & Weight Management in Hyderabad

Toning & Weight Management services at Zing Mode offer a comprehensive approach to weight management, body toning, and firming.

Our team has extensive training and expertise in effective weight management and body toning treatments. We emphasize healthy diet and lifestyle modifications in addition to equipment-based treatments to help you figure out how to contour your body for long-term results.

Our team comprises highly qualified nutritionists, fitness coaches, and technicians to create a customized approach for you.

We also assist you in identifying internal and environmental based on BMI (Body Mass Index) variables that may be contributing to weight imbalance so that we can avoid or minimise their complications. Experience perfect shape body sculpting results with our toning, weight gain/ weight loss treatment in Hyderabad.

We Offer

A man measures the effectiveness of weight loss treatment in Hyderabad.


A person stands on a weighing scale to measure the results of weight loss treatment in Hyderabad.

Weight Management

A couple getting a body massage.

Body Therapy

A white clinical instrument hovers above a woman's belly for weight loss treatment in Hyderabad.

Advanced Toning Therapy

A woman undergoing a body strengthening massage on her legs.

Body Strengthening Massage


Is weight loss program the safest and effective?

We provide a healthy and sustainable weight loss plan

  • Involves moderate physical activity
  • Focus on sustainable and balanced diet
  • Encourage how to maintain the lost weight
  • All our treatments are fda approved

Will i have to go on crash diet?

No. The qualified and experienced dietitians provide customised balanced and sustainable diet plans on your individual requirements, likes and dislikes, daily routine etc

Which areas can be treated in spot reduction treatment?

Any area with access fat deposits can be treated – tummy, hips, thighs, arms, back, side budges etc.

Are there any side effects of weight management treatment?

It is simple, safe and non-invasive treatment with no side effects.

Why is it important to monitor body fat percentage?

Measuring weight alone is not completely accurate assessment of health or fitness because it doesn’t distinguish kgs that comes from fat and kgs that come from lean muscle mass. That’s why monitoring is important.

What if I do not get results from Body toning?

Though results vary from person to person, the results are assured and long lasting if you follow the diet and activity advised.

How many kilograms will one lose in one month?

World health organisation recommends 4-5kg per month as a healthy weight loss for normal people without medical conditions. Based on the physiological and pathological conditions of an individual, the team works in synergy to deliver a sustainable, steady and gradual scientific rate of weight loss.

What are the golden rules to lose weight?

Take a comprehensive approachgood nutrition, physical activity and behaviour modification.


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