Women getting facial hair removed through laser hair removal service.

Laser Hair Removal in Hyderabad

Let’s get our basics right about Laser Hair Removal, shall we?

The word Laser abbreviates to Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Theodore H. Maiman built the first laser in 1960.

LHR (Laser Hair Removal) treatment mainly employs a high-energy beam on a specific area to systematically nip the stem cells found in the hair follicles. Zing Mode’s avant-garde technology and world-class expertise make it the best laser hair removal clinic in Hyderabad. Book an appointment to experience hassle-free sessions!

Laser Hair Removal Services in Hyderabad

 Laser hair removal service on leg.

Arms & Legs

Under arm laser hair removal service

Under Arms

Girl getting laser hair removal service

Full Body


Painless and hassle-free procedure

Cost-efficient in the long run

No major side effects

Focused treatment that only targets a specific area

Precautions after LHR treatment

Avoid direct sun exposure for at least six weeks before and after

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on all the targeted parts

Make your ordinary day ordinary with Zing Mode’s advanced and smooth LHR services now!

Book your appointment in a snap either online or through a call by dialing. Our responsive customer team will get you an appointment with our professionals according to your convenience.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

At what age can i get my laser hair reduction done?

Once you enter your puberty and finish your first mentrual cycle you can start with your laser hair reduction. It is completely safe to get laser hair reduction.

Does laser hair reduction causes burn?

At Zing Mode we use fda approved laser which works on contact cool mechanism. Hence no chance of burns or any kind of discomfort.

Can we do laser hair reduction during pregnancy?

Preferrably it is better to avoid laser hair reduction during pregnancy.

Can men have laser hair reduction ?

Yes!! At Zing Mode we have men availing laser hair reduction services and quite happy with it and is absolutely safe for men to take laser hair reduction.


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