Our Editorial Process

Useful | Accurate | Comprehensive | Current

How we deliver relevant, accessible, and up-to-date information

We at Zing Mode are driven to cater reliable, practical, and timely information to you so you can achieve an optimal balance of body, soul and mind. We follow an ethical editorial procedure to ensure that our content adds value to our clients' lives.

This process helps ensure that all our posts meet high content delivery standards.

Each piece of content is created and edited by our team using the following tried and tested guidelines:

  • Earning and preserving our client’s faith
  • Continual fact-checking and verification
  • Educating through empathy and inclusivity
  • Prioritising quality with relevant data

1) Earning and preserving our client’s faith

Although the information is readily available on the internet, more often than not you are subjected to overwhelming, unreliable, or inaccessible sources. We are here to fix that.

We offer accurate information that is easy to grasp, and supported by facts. Through our posts, we aim to educate, entertain and connect better with both our existing and aspiring clients. We believe that creating and posting quality and ethical content is the key to building trust. 

2) Continuous fact-checking and verification

Our dedication to maintaining the integrity of our content is backed by the work of our skilled fact-checkers and experts. Medical statements, assertions, and recommendations are meticulously examined for timeliness and accuracy. We only use reliable primary sources that are up-to-date, such as peer-reviewed medical publications, governmental agencies, academic bodies, and advocacy groups. Each article includes a list of its sources, both inline and at the bottom.

3) Educating through empathy and inclusivity

We aim that every article we publish should be readable and understood by our audience. Our voice strikes a delicate balance of warmth, courage and forward-thinking.  We speak in a way that encourages inclusivity and compassion by being thoughtful, sympathetic, and courteous. To eliminate stigma and preconceptions and prevent bias, we present stories without passing judgement and listen with an open heart. We choose our language consciously, aiming to educate our clients.

4) Prioritising quality with relevant data

Old theories are debunked, new research is conducted, and jargon becomes outdated. To enable you to keep up with our constantly evolving world, we share the most current and accurate information. Our professionals work hard to find and update outdated or debunked material. 

To provide our readers with ground-breaking insights, Zing Mode’s staff keeps a close eye on emerging trends and new research in line with our business.

5) Strong content through strong conscience

Our clients are our priority at Zing Mode. We work hard to support everyone on their journey to the top. We deliver the most accurate, pertinent, and easily accessible content courtesy of our strong editorial process.

We constantly strive to get better, so if you think there is anything we are not doing, let us know. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the accuracy or usability of our content.

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