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Zing Mode offers a premium range of Skin & Hair Care services that cater to all skin and hair issues. Our team of experts thoroughly analyze your skin and hair to determine the type of treatment that is best suited for you.

Our carefully curated skin and hair care services ensure that you are radiant, healthy and ready for all your occasion!

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PRP Treatment

Skin Brightening & Whitening

Insta Glow Laser

Skin Resurfacing

Melasma Treatment

Tattoo Removal

Stretch Marks Treatment

Anti-Aging Treatment


How to get rid of pigmentation?

There are various types and kinds of pigmentation. Here at Zing Mode our team of experts analyse your skin and customize the treatment accordingly.

Is tattoo removal safe? How much time is required to get rid of it?

Tattoo removal is absolutely a safe procedure if done under the supervision of experts. Time required depends on whether it is an amateur tattoo or professional tattoo.

Number of sessions usually vary depending on size, depth and colour of the tattoo.

What is the downtime in microdermabrasion?

Microdermaabrasion is a procedures which takes care of skin imperfections in a gentle and careful way. Here at Zing Mode our team of experts and FDA approved equipment's we make sure there is no much downtime.

Are peels safe?

At Zing Mode we use fda approved and certified peels and are done by experts hence yes peels at Zing Mode are safe. Precautions and after care will be given and it needs to be followed.

How often can i get hydra facial done?

Hydrafacial is completely skin friendly procedure which nourishes and hydrates your skin. One can get hydrafacial done twice a month

Is it safe to do PRP on hair and is it painful?

PRP treatment aids in nourishing scalp and stimulates hair growth. It is absolutely safe to get hair PRP and at Zing Mode it is done with precision and is made completely painless.

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