Zumba - a dance and aerobics workout program.

Unleash your inner confidence at our Zumba Studio

Unleash your inner confidence!

What picture does the word “Zumba” elicit in your mind? A charged atmosphere filled with music, dance and energy? Zing Mode’s Zumba classes in Hyderabad offer all that and more!

The zealous programme, created in the 1990s by Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez, combines dance with aerobics to amp up your fitness journey.

Our premium Zumba classes are conducted by trained professionals to ensure easy-to-follow and fun moves for effective body toning and weight loss. We aim to shake up the fitness industry by giving a platform for folks across all age groups and sizes to unlock confidence and embrace their inner-self!


Boosts cardiac health

Helps de-stress

Enhances coordination

Aids body toning

Builds endurance

Fun way to lose weight

Come Groove With Us & Achieve the Body of Your Dreams!

Zumba makes sweating it out a lot more fun! Join us as our Zumba dance in Hyderabad adds zing to your fitness journey and let us make your ordinary life extraordinary with our upbeat music and dance steps! Book an appointment now.

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