Men’s Pre-wedding Grooming Tips to Glow on THE Day!

Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think of pre-wedding beauty treatment lists? We are so used to words like “bridal beauty packages” that grooms do not even occur to us! However, according to leading beauty analysis, there is a clear shift in the skincare and beauty paradigm in recent years, and men too are expected to look their best on their wedding day! [Source]

Here is a list of simple yet potent tips that men can incorporate into their routine to ensure that their aesthetic game is on point the entire wedding season!

Choose a credible skin and hair clinic near you

With a plethora of hair and skincare clinics in Hyderabad, one is bound to get confused while choosing suitable treatments. Also, ensure that the clinic you select offers FDA-approved treatments. Some of the most common men’s pre-wedding grooming treatments include advanced facials that curate specialized products for male facials.

Shape your beard

When it comes to your appearance, beards are a game changer. It completely changes the way you look and is currently very fashionable. But it can be difficult to keep a beard, particularly close to your wedding day. To get rid of extra hair and keep your beard in shape, you must regularly trim it and maintain the length of your beard.

Laser hair removal in Hyderabad aids in cutting down these redundant tasks and empowers you to flaunt your beard with confidence!

You can forget about razor burns that leave your face red and with ingrown hair which can be an annoyance. Daily shaving is not only inconvenient but is harsh on your sensitive skin. It also helps the advanced facials penetrate better due to closer contact with the skin. Find the best laser hair removal in Hyderabad near you now!

Dive into Ayurveda

Over 5,000 years ago, the holistic medical system of Ayurveda was developed. It is referred to as the “Traditional, Indian system of health” and is one of the best-preserved systems in the entire world. In addition to treatment and preventative measures, this type of holistic practice emphasises the harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Therapy, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, and your overall way of living, foster this harmony.

For grooms who experience extreme stress and anxiety before their wedding, ayurveda is a necessary practice because it uses ancient wisdom and techniques to address your modern problems.

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize

Although CTM may seem like a bride thing, it is now crucial for grooms to look their best at weddings as well. Find out what type of skin you have first. Is it overly dry, overly oily, or sensitive? Each skin type requires a particular set of products and a particular skincare routine. Once you’ve established your skin type, you should search for CTM. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are abbreviated as CTM. Say you should use a mattifying toner to close your pores if you have oily skin, and if you have dry skin, you shouldn’t skip using moisturiser. Additionally, you must always wash your face twice daily.

Man using a skin care product.


Exercise helps keep your physique in check and allows your skin to detoxify naturally. It also lends a healthy glow due to healthy blood flow.

However, if you feel like there isn’t much time for you to exercise and lose weight, or that no amount of workouts are helping you shed those extra flab, the FDA-approved weight loss treatment in Hyderabad can help you achieve sustainable results within your desired timeline. Zing Mode offers a range of such excellent services that are created by industry experts to cater to your unique health and weight issues.

Find All Men’s Pre-wedding Grooming Services Under One Roof!

Man getting a beauty treatment at a skin and hair clinic.

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